Son Carrió

Son Carrió is a village in the municipal district of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in north-eastern Mallorca. The roads that link the village to the neighbouring towns run through an attractive rural landscape, with the routes from Sant Llorenç and Manacor, which pass through Son Negre, being of particular scenic beauty.

It became a village in the 19th century as the result of the parcelling out of several large farming estates in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and Manacor. Some of the land was authorised for building and the nucleus of the village was begun by laying out the church square, next to which the present-day place of worship was built.

Son Carrió has restaurants, general services, a municipal delegation, a cultural centre (Ca n’Apol·lònia) and a library. One of the village’s main attractions is its gastronomy, especially its traditional pastries, which are renowned throughout the county. Another point of interest for visitors is the Church of Sant Miquel, a Catholic place of worship whose construction began in 1899. The design was based on plans sketched out by Monsignor Antoni Maria Alcover, revised by Joan Guasp and modified slightly by the Catalan architects Antoni Gaudí and Joan Rubió. It was inaugurated in 1907. Its most striking features are the Neo-Romanesque-style façade, the fan-shaped rose window and the four-storey bell tower. The buildings at the rear –the vicarage and the former Franciscan convent– were built in the same style.

The Vía Verde Manacor-Artà (Green Way) also passes through Son Carrió, where the old train station has recently been renovated. The route is suitable for walking or cycling.

Son Carrió celebrates its patron saint’s festival on 8 May (St Michael’s Day) with cultural and leisure activities being organised throughout the previous week. It ends with a grand thematic fair of rural tasks and traditions that attracts a large number of residents from the surrounding area and the whole county.

What's going on Son Carrió?


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St Anthony’s Day

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Hiking route Son Carrio

Start: Cala Millor Tourist Information Office. Av. Badia de Llevant, 2
End: Son Carrió
Distance: 9.82 km
Approximate time: 2 h 30 min
Accumulated ascent: 78 m
Accumulated descent: 45 m
Difficulty: Low
Type of itinerary: Non-circular

Green Way Manacor Arta

Distance 28.53 Km The proximity of Cala Millor, as well as Sa Coma and Cala Bona, make it a good choice for visiting these inland