Mallorca is an island with a deeply-rooted agricultural and religious culture and its festivals are linked to the natural cycles of farm work, the sea that surrounds it, the liturgical cycles and Christianity (Holy Week, Christmas, Epiphany, the patron saint feast days, etc.).


For the first-time visitor, CALA MILLOR MALLORCA might seem like a group of seaside holiday resorts distanced from any local tradition and culture. However, in recent years great efforts have been made to raise awareness of our traditional festivals, while maintaining their authenticity. If your visit coincides with one of these festivals, we invite you to enjoy it with us and take home wonderful memories of an authentic Mallorcan experience.


The most popular Mallorcan folk dance is the Ball de bot, a group dance accompanied by lute, guitar, flute, violin and drum music. Traditional Mallorcan music has unquestionable Arab influences and the songs are normally about working the fields, love and eroticism.


Other characteristic features of the Balearic culture are the rondalles or folk tales that once enlivened all family get-togethers around the hearth; punt mallorquí, the island’s own embroidery technique for which each county has its own special designs; and the glossador tournaments, an original kind of improvised song from Mallorca that has been revived and popularised in recent years.


There are events in the Mallorcan countryside that require the collective effort of families and friends and are always a good opportunity for a celebration after the work has been done. These include the traditional slaughtering of the pig, the almond and olive harvests, the making of nougat, olive oil or herb liqueur, etc. All these are traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Mallorca also has a long tradition of organising cultural events of all types, both local and international. They include classical, jazz and contemporary music festivals, as well as arts-related events. Mallorca’s special light has attracted many foreign artists and has inspired local artists, many of whose pictures and sculptures can be seen in our resort.