Local Festivals

Many festivals and traditions are celebrated in the area during the year. As Mallorca is a largely agricultural land, it is logical that the festivals are organised around work in the fields and the cycles of nature.

Over the years the resort areas have incorporated festive elements in order to preserve the traditions, encourage participation and invite our visitors to join in and celebrate our most emblematic festivals with us.

Each village and area has its own festivals. Some of the highlights of the year are: Son Carrió (May), Son Servera (June), Sa Coma (July), Sant Llorenç des Cardassar (August), S’Illot (August) and Cala Millor (August).
They last several days and include a wide range of activities, including fairs, traditional markets offering local gastronomic products, cultural religious events, dances, traditional and contemporary music, games and sports events. This is a time when the people of the villages who have moved elsewhere come back to their roots to enjoy the festivities and spend time with their families and friends.
Other traditional festivals are those held to celebrate the town’s patron saint’s days. The following are good examples:

St Anthony’s Day on 17 January is one of the most deeply rooted with a large number of activities related to the veneration of the patron saint of domestic animals and to seek protection for the animals that help in the fields. The festival begins on the eve of the saint’s day with the St Anthony’s Day Dance and Party. Big bonfires are lit in the main streets and squares of the towns and villages. Fire is the focus of this celebration and symbolises the purification and renovation of life and the triumph of good over evil.

St Michael’s Day on 8 of May, patron saint of Son Carrió; St John’s Day on 24 June, patron saint of Son Servera; Our Lady of Mount Carmel on 16 July, patron saint of fishermen in Cala Bona; St Lawrence on 10 August, patron saint of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar; Our Lady of the Angels in August in Cala Millor; La Mare de Déu Trobada on 8 September in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.