Sa Màniga Auditorium

Sa Màniga Auditorium

Cala Millor’s Sa Màniga Auditorium is the cultural centre and congress and convention venue for the municipality of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar (Mallorca).

The municipality has a population of approximately 9,000 people distributed in its five districts (Sant Llorenç, Son Carió, Sa Coma, S’Illot and Cala Millor). The most important sector of the economy is tourism, with almost 25,000 beds in 90 accommodation establishments, making it the fourth largest tourist resort in the Balearic Islands. These two aspects –the town’s resident population and tourism– are the essential factors that define the criteria applied to Sa Màniga Auditorium

Sa Màniga Auditorium was inaugurated on 29 May 1999. It is a municipal facility under the direct management of the town council.

It is made up of the following areas:

  • A theatre-auditorium with a capacity of 466 people (390 in the stalls and 76 in the amphitheatre)
  • An exhibition room suitable for showing paintings, sculpture, photography and other expressions of visual art
  • A cafeteria (only open during congresses and conventions)
  • Five conference rooms


The activities held in Sa Màniga Auditorium are determined by its social, cultural, educational and economic objectives.

Sa Màniga Auditorium offers regular seasons of performances (music, theatre, dance, circus, family shows, etc.) and other cultural activities (workshops, courses, conferences, stages, seminars). It also offers educational activities (for the local schools, public education, creative activities, etc.). The season runs from September to July.

Currently the most outstanding programmes are:

  • Cala Millor Festival
  • Platea (INAEM)
  • Council of Mallorca Scenic Arts Circuit
  • Municipal Scenic and Musical Arts Exhibition
  • Dansamàniga (dance festival)
  • Summer courses (July)

More information at

Carrer de Son Galta, 4. 07560 Cala Millor (Mallorca). T (+34) 971 587 373

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