Teatre La Unió

The Teatre Municipal La Unió was opened in 2007 following many years of campaigning by the townspeople of Son Servera to fill the gap in the town’s leisure and cultural life that had been left by the closure of the mythical Cine La Unió in the mid-20th century.


Since the closure of the cinema, Son Servera had remained bereft of a venue for encouraging cultural and leisure activities and a stage and place of rehearsal for the town’s budding cultural life: the Son Servera Choir, the Local Music Band, the Sa Revetla Folklore Group, the Sa Murga Theatrical Group, the Noctàmbuls Theatrical Group, the Algarada Cultural Association and other artistic and musical manifestations.


The Teatre La Unió has become the cultural nerve centre of Son Servera, with a stable annual programme of plays, films and concerts, as well as being a meeting point for other local events. In fact it has a busy weekly programme of dance workshops, children’s and adult’s theatre, rehearsals of local companies, etc.

The theatre’s star season is the ‘Festival SonServeraClown’, which is held in May and brings clowns from all over Spain and abroad to perform clown, comedy and circus shows for both children and adults. The festival has become a benchmark on the Balearic Islands circuit.

The ground floor of the theatre has a reception hall and box office, bathrooms for men, women and the disabled, two small storage rooms for cleaning and other supplies, and the main theatre with seating for 240 people and a 6×8 metre stage with all the technical equipment necessary for the performances. In the basement there is a small room with seating for about 50 people used for rehearsals and small-format performances; a soundproofed rehearsal room; two storage rooms for material and technical equipment, two dressing rooms and a dressing room equipped for disabled persons. On the first floor there is a rehearsal room for plays and dance and the technical control cabin connected to the stage.

In terms of human resources, the Councillor for Culture is in overall charge of the theatre and it has a programming director, an auxiliary assistant, a cleaning service, a team of sound and light technicians and the theatre and dance monitors.


The address of the Teatre Municipal La Unió is c/ Tren, núm. 3, 07550 Son Servera and its direct telephone number is 971568519.
You can see its programme of the town council’s website, the theatre’s Facebook page and posters.