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Sant Antoni in Son Servera

Son Servera Son Servera 07550 España

16 and 17 January

Sant Antoni or St Anthony’s Day is probably Mallorca’s most traditional and popular festival. In Son Servera the festivity dates back to 3 April 1698, when the inhabitants of Artà presented the town with its chapel.

Son Servera was essentially a farming town with strong Christian convictions and it needed the image of the saint in its old chapel of Son Frai Garí (on the former Servera estate) to petition for protection for the animals that carried out the heaviest work in the fields. We know from documents that the festival was first celebrated at the beginning of the 19th century. That explains why the mask representing the devil dates from the beginning of that century. This papier mâché mask is now part of the heritage collection of the Churchwardens of St Anthony. To protect the original, the image we see today is a lighter, glass fibre replica. The Churchwardens of St Anthony and Son Servera town council jointly organise a series of traditional events related to the festival. They include completes (religious singing), the traditional bonfires to purify the spirits, and the blessing of the animals, all of which give a festive air to the rigours of the winter temperatures.

Over the years the coastal districts of the municipality have incorporated elements of the festival with the aim of encouraging participation, preserving traditions and inviting our visitors to join with us in celebrating one of our most emblematic festivals.


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16-17 Enero
San Antonio es seguramente la fiesta más tradicional…

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