About us

The Tourism Consortium of Son Servera and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar was created on 16 January 2013 by the local councils of Son Servera and SantLlorenç des Cardassar, together with the Hotel Association of Bahía de CalaMillor-Sa Coma.

The Consortium is a body governed by public law, with separate legal personality, which was created to promote and develop tourism in these municipalities. The tourist destination of Son Servera and SantLlorenç des Cardassar has hotel accommodation for some 37.000 visitors. It is the Balearic Islands’ third most important destination.

Since its inception, the Consortium has pursued four strategic aims:

• collaborating with other public and private entities to promote joint actions;
• observing, studying and analysing the current state of tourism in the area, identifying tourism-related and commercial problems, and proposing corrective measures;
• providing quality at the destination, encouraging the adaptation of infrastructure and services, and managing facilities and installations which attract tourism;
• enhancing branding, promoting the active presence of both municipalities in the tourism market and managing the destination’s brand identity, developing publicity material, advertising and PR campaigns.

Governing Bodies

The Consortium’s governing bodies are the General Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Presidency and the Consortium Management. In February 2016, the Advisory Board was formed, a collegiate body whose objective is to actively involve entrepreneurs from all economic sectors in the decision-making of the Consortium’s other governing bodies.
The GeneralMeeting’s powers include the Consortium’s higher-level functions, while the Board of Directors is responsible for the basic governance of the Consortium.
The Presidency of the Consortium is held for a term of two years by the mayors of Son Servera and SantLlorenç des Cardassar, on a rotational basis.
The Vice Presidency, also a two-year term, is held by the mayor who is not President during this period.
The Management’s main functions are the financial planning, administration and management of the Consortium, based on guidelines established by the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Presidency. The current head is the Manager of the Hotel Association of Bahía de CalaMillor-Sa Coma.
Human and technical resources, as well as the Consortium’s facilities, are maintained by contributions from the founding entities: the two local councils and the Hotel Association of CalaMillor-Sa Coma.

The Advisory Board

In February 2016, the Board of Directors agreed to create the Advisory Board.Given that the Consortium identified a need to strengthen links between the different business groups to promote the experiences offered to tourists at the destination, its main aim is to actively involve entrepreneurs from the tourist sector in the management of the destination’s tourism. The Advisory Board is intended to be a consultative body with the capacity to take decisions related to all aspects of the tourist destination.

Participation in the Advisory Board also offers added value and advantages for the companies involved, including:

• direct information and the ability to participate in the design and implementation of all activities geared towards increasing tourist demand;
• involvement in decision-making for all civic activities that may favour the expansion and the quality of tourism services;
• direct channel for sending suggestions to both municipalities for improving infrastructures and tourism services;
• direct involvement in the round tables studying critical aspects linked to the sector and proposing measures for tackling them;
• informational, advertising and image-related material designed to publicise resources and promote visitor uptake – fam trips, merchandising, brochures and information leaflets;
• direct involvement in the communication campaigns for promoting inland tourism;
• greater visibility both on the website www.visitcalamillor.com – with a company-specific tab and a direct link – and the Consortium’s social profiles.
As of the end of 2016, the Advisory Board comprises representatives of Pimem, Pimeco, the Majorcan Association of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants, the Balearic Business Federation for Transport (FEBT), Active Tourism, the resort’s golf courses, the Hotel Association of CalaMillor-Sa Coma, and involves the collaboration of the Balearic Federation of Business Associations (CAEB).